75 Cent 5 Gallon Chicken Bucket Waterers

A simple way to create 75 cent chicken waterers out of 5 gallon buckets. I love cheap farm hacks and I have to give to the Pastured Poultry group on Facebook for being an amazing source of knowledge and inspiration. This season I needed to create a simple and cheap way to keep my chickens hydrated on pasture. I don’t have the money to spend on Farm Tek bell waterers yet so I decided to make my own. Tractor Supply and Amazon also carry these buckets but they range from $14 – 21 – ridiculous!

75 Cent Chicken Waterer Supplies

5 gallon buckets – free (mine used to be full of pickles)

nipples – $7.20 on Amazon


heat gun

water resistant glue like loctite  – $6 (optional)

I started by pre-drilling holes in the bottom of my 5 gallon buckets. Make sure you pick a drill bit that is slightly smaller than the threads on your nipples. I then used a heat gun to melt the plastic where I drilled the hole. Once the plastic is hot, push your nipple in slowly until it is flush with the bottom of the bucket. Let the plastic cool and harden before you move it.

My waterers are doing a fine job out in the field but they do still drip once in awhile. This is the bane of these types of waterers. I wouldn’t use them in the brooder. If you really want to cut down on the leaking, try adding some glue to the threads before you push it through the bucket. For even more protection you can caulk up the seams with the glue once it has hardened. I am going to be trying this method on the next round to see how it holds up. What do you use to water your chickens?

75 Cent Chicken Waterer 5 Gallon Bucket

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  • Look at the Sideways sipper horizontal drinker nipples Much easier to install, No Drip like the vertical nipples AND u do not have to figure out where or how to hang it up!

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