Chicken Tractor Build Process

I’ve been spending my weekends deep in chicken tractor construction land. For those who aren’t familiar, chicken tractors are giant movable pens. Considering the first time I used a drill was in my 20’s let’s say I’ve come a long, long way. The idea of physicality outside the house, especially in South Asian women isn’t something we are taught as a second generation. Often times our ancestors are trying to escape that life of hard labor. But if we look back in our ancestry, we can also see women working the fields, tending the crops and raising livestock with pride. Building on our farm is a way in which I return and reconnect with my physicality and the land.

And so we’ve been building chicken tractors and we made a video!

We’ve been following chicken tractor plans recommend by Nichki at Letterbox Farm from Farm Marketing Solutions. I would watch her haul these massive structures around everyday and think “damn, that woman is built.” Maybe this year I will approach relative built status. #farmdreams

Side Walls for Chicken Tractor


Here are the side walls in progress.

 Bending Conduit for the Roof

Putting my lower back to work bending conduit for the roof

Conduit Bend Check

The finished product with a 90ish degree bend at top and 45 degree bends on the sides


Walls and roof braces assembled


I completed 1 of 10!

We added 1/2 hardware cloth around the bottom 3 feet and 1 inch chicken wire for the rest of the structure. Our ground is rather uneven so getting them to lay flush will be a challenge. This process is no joke and there a few errors in the plans. I’d recommend double checking everything if you do end up building these. We didn’t put in the lap joints due to time and access to a table saw but besides that I’d say they are looking pretty nice. Soon they will be filled with chickens after they leave the brooder. If you liked the tour, leave us a comment here or on our video!

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