The Best Backyard Chicken Breeds

I often get asked the question, “what are the best backyard chicken breeds?” from friends looking to buy chickens. We at Get Down Farm are in the process of re-starting our backyard flock after taking a few years off to start chicken farm. It’s fun and exciting to be reminded of the quirks of laying hens once[…]

chickens and cracked corn

5 Tips to Keeping Chickens in Winter

A few weeks ago a friend of mine called me to ask, “how am I going to keep chickens in winter?” Good news! Chickens are surprisingly hardy and with a few simple strategies, you should have no problems keeping them alive through cold weather. Before you start, consider how cold it gets in your area and what[…]

75 Cent Chicken Waterer 5 Gallon Bucket

75 Cent 5 Gallon Chicken Bucket Waterers

A simple way to create 75 cent chicken waterers out of 5 gallon buckets. I love cheap farm hacks and I have to give to the Pastured Poultry group on Facebook for being an amazing source of knowledge and inspiration. This season I needed to create a simple and cheap way to keep my chickens[…]

Chicks in the Ohio Brooder Setup

Chicks and How to Care for Them 101

The day is finally here when our chicks arrive in the mail! After months of planning and daydreaming about their cute little faces, the call comes in from our local post office……. “You have a very chirpy box here for pick up!” Caring for chicks is not hard as long as you have the right[…]

Chicken Tractor Build Process

I’ve been spending my weekends deep in chicken tractor construction land. For those who aren’t familiar, chicken tractors are giant movable pens. Considering the first time I used a drill was in my 20’s let’s say I’ve come a long, long way. The idea of physicality outside the house, especially in South Asian women isn’t[…]

How to Raise Chickens in the City

Are you interested in raising chickens? They make great pets, and produce you a steady supply of healthy food! Check out this video Bee made with IOBY about how to raise chickens for eggs! 1. Do You Have Enough Time? They need daily attention and long term care. The more time you spend with your[…]